Posters for Morisawa & Co., Ltd.

— Tsuguya Inoue

TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Posters for Morisawa & Co., Ltd.

I once went to “Dream Island.” When I saw the mountains of rubbish there, I felt as if it were all screaming chaotically, surrounding me with a discordant sort of music like Captain Beefheart. I remember fleeing the spot, shrugging my shoulders with exaggerated nonchalance. The sight was not just dead rubbish; the entire scene made me think that words were being born. I do not recall when that was, or why I was there, but I feel that the impression of that day was somehow expressed in this poster.

Tsuguya Inoue

Born in Miyazaki in 1947. Established the Beans Co., Ltd. in 1978. During his illustrious career he has received a remarkable number of honors: Tokyo ADC Highest Award and Members’ Award, Fuji-Sankei Group Advertising Award, Dentsu Advertising Award, the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award at the Japan Catalog Poster Exhibition and others.