Sth. to write with × Sth.to write on

— Eriko Ichikawa

Non-TDC Members Division : Judges' Special Prize


Sth. to write with × Sth.to write on
KAKUMONO (That which is used to write) multiplied by KAKARERUMONO
(That which is written on) plus a little something extra equals Typeface. To write, to scratch, to blow, to scrape, to grind, to push and to insert . . . . . Based on responses to a questionnaire in which people were asked to come up with a form for each sound between “A” and “N” (of the Japanese alphabet), I created a fictitious set of phonograms and tried to compare the various typeface forms that arise from the different interrelations between “that which is used to write” and “that which is written on.” Unexpected things happened in places and situations that were not affected by conscious intervention and as a result, I was able to discover more typefaces than I thought I could. I am excited that winning this prize with give me a better opportunity to show the phonograms which have taken shape to the people who were kind enough to respond to my questionnaire. Thank you very much.

Eriko Ichikawa
Born in Tokyo in 1975. Graduated from the Communication Design Course of the Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design in 1996, completed the Postgraduated Course-Dress/Formative Art in 1997, and completed Research Student in 1998. Now working at design studio.