Fuse Exhibition Tokyo 1999 Naomi Enami + Neville Brody

— Naomi Enami + Neville Brody

TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Fuse Exhibition Tokyo 1999 Naomi Enami + Neville Brody
Every issue of the quarterly magazine “FUSE” – an experimental medium created by Neville Brody in 1992 – comes with a floppy disk that includes four experimental fonts designed by four different designers. The publication’s initial aim was to search for new typographical expressions for the age of electronic media, but it has now evolved into a medium that implies, and in fact implements, the possibility of designers themselves becoming publishers and of establishing new relationships with the societies they live in (by assuming a more active role as opposed to simply filling orders). I planned this exhibition, which showcased a wide range of fonts designed by 74 avant-garde typographers from around the world, as a way to revisit from the perspective of a typographer, the dawn of the design revolution that was brought on by the digital revolution of the 90s. It’s a great joy for me that TDC has awarded me with this prize for the composition and design of this exhibition(Enami)

Naomi Enami
Born in Osaka in 1956. Naomi Enami has been involved in publications such as “Number,” “Marie Claire” and “ELLE Japon” as art director and has also produced many exhibition images for world expositions. He is currently involved in computer-based graphic design and interface design for digital media. He also acts as producer and multi-media director for all DIGITALOUGUE artwork. Established PROPELLER ART WORKS in 1982 and DIGITALOUGUE Co., Ltd. in 1992. He has been head of FONTSHOP JAPAN since 1998 and his past achievements include the Grand Prize, Multi-media Grand-Prix Exhibition for Best Visual Artwork and the Silver Prize for New Media from the New York ADC.