The Alphabet Zoo

— Peter Cho

Interactive Design Prize


The Alphabet Zoo
The Alphabet Zoo is the story of twenty-six characters who live in the space of the computer display. As the viewer selects different letters, storybook pages turn, and the characters come to life. This project stems from design research into creating organic and dynamic three-dimensional typeforms. The goal is typography that is fluid, evocative, and playful. The shell-like forms of this piece are based upon implicit surfaces, crafted through programming code. Their motions were designed by manipulating and transforming the shapes over time.

Peter Cho
Peter Cho is a graphic designer, interactive designer, and programmer. Cho received a Master of Science degree in media arts and science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999. Working with Professor John Maeda at the Maeda Laboratory, Cho’s research interests deals with the emerging field at the intersection of design and computation. His thesis focused on developing custom computational models for expressive and dimensional typography. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, computation and design from MIT. Since last year, Cho has been working at Imaginary Forces, a conceptual design studio in Los Angeles. At Imaginary Forces, he has been involved with various film, Interactive, and environmental design projects. Cho has received several honors, including a gold award from the ID Magazine Interactive Media Review in 1998. This year,Cho was featured as one of Print Magazine’s twenty new visual artists under 30.