Fachhochschule Vorarlberg”1″

— Reinhard Gassner + Sandro Scherling

Non-TDC Members Division : Silver Prize


Fachhochschule Vorarlberg”1″
The figurative basic idea, meaning the logo of the Vorarlbergs University, is to contrast the analog prints of the old world with new modern digital communication. Defined are just the design of grid, font, color climate and the analog subprint with
F-forms. Thereby the letters are directly painted on the printdisc and printed one
upon the other in soft red/green/blue colors. Circumstance to smaller formats
abstract compositions will be ensued. The designing follows the orders of regularity, clarity and simplicity. Designing aim is a retaining but willful esthetic in all applications.

Reinhard Gassner (right)
In the beginning of his career he was as a rephotographer and positive retoucher. He worked for two years in the studio of his brother. Then he studied at mass mediaschool in Munich and was engaged in several advertising agencies. Since 1976 he has been a freelance designer. Since 1988 Gassner has had international exhibitions and won several prizes. From 1996 until 1999 he was an extern adviser and superintendent of Intermedia at Vorarlberg University.

Sandro Scherling (left)
Education as lithograph. He worked as a camera assistant at ORF, Austrian Television. He studied and researched a lighting fixture at Scula Politecnica di Design in Milano. After then he worked as a freelancer designer in domains of graphics, corporate and information design in Austria. He established his studio in 1993.