Messages for the 21st Century

— Taku Satoh

TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Messages for the 21st Century (Poster) 
I love to surf and used to go to the beach every week when I was younger.
I remember the thrill of riding a huge wave as if it were yesterday. I learned many things from the sea and from surfing. The ability to have a poised understanding of your position, to be able to see the little waves along with the larger swells, and to be able to balance yourself – these are all skills that are essential in the relationship between society (the ocean), designs (the act of surfing) and the designer (myself).
I made this poster for the “Messages for the 21st Century” exhibition. Thank you very much for the Prize.

Taku Satoh
Born in Tokyo in 1955. Graduated from design course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in ’79 and completed Master Course of Graduated School in ’81. In ’84, he established Taku Satoh Design Office Inc. after working at Dentsu Inc.. Awards he received include : Tokyo ADC Prize, JAGDA New Comer Award, and so on. Member of Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC, JAGDA, Japan Design Committee and AGI.