“Smap” Poster & Campaign of Music CD

— Kashiwa Sato

Non-TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


“Smap” Poster & Campaign of Music CD
When SMAP — Japan’s super pop group — releases an album, it’s not simply the release of a musical production. When they release their new album once a year, SMAP re-invents itself in a daring refreshing way and they have become an absolute presence that no one else has been able to imitate. I wanted SMAP’s last campaign for the millennium to be something akin to the launching of SMAP as a brand name. All of the images were compiled into a single visual representation, similar to a brand logo. These would be placed all over town and in the media. Everyone — not only SMAP fans — who saw these visual elements presented in three colors couldn’t help but remember their novelty and energy. This is what I aimed for . . . something very powerful and simple; a powerful brand-identity campaign. Needless to say, this was only possible because of SMAP.

Kashiwa Sato
Born in Tokyo in 1965. Graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Tama Art University. Worked at Hakuhodo and founded his own design office “Samurai” in May of 2000. His major past projects include Honda Stepwagon, Integra, Kirin Chibi Lemon, TBC Takuya Kimura SUMMER TBC, Parco and SMAP. Member of Tokyo ADC and JAGDA. Past awards include Tokyo ADC Award (1996 and 1998); JAGDA Newcomers Prize in 2000; ACC Award (1995-2000); ACC Special Award; Gold Award in the Grand Packaging Award Competition; Nikkei Trendy Advertisement Award and JR Poster Grand Prix.