Toru Takemitsu: SONGS

— Katsuhiro Kinoshita

TDC Members Division : Silver Prize


Toru Takemitsu: SONGS(Editorial design)
“Toru Takemitsu: SONGS” is a compilation of musical charts produced by Nanako Ikefuji of Schott Japan Co., Ltd. and is a collaboration between the late composer Toru Takemitsu and painter Shinro Otake — the composer did not live to see the project come to fruition.
With every assignment, I approach my work with a sense that I’m the only one in the world with the privilege of working on that particular work. Results are the measure of my work, but the thrill lies in the process. I was able to enjoy the process to my heart’s content during the production of this book.
What sort of composition should I use to bring together visual and auditory media in a way that would suit the two artists. In trying not to leave any traces of the designing process, I ended up making 9 proto-compositions and meticulously went over the bookbinding process as well. I am grateful to Ms. Ikefuji and Mr. Otake for giving me this opportunity to create something as “dense” as this book. Thank you.

Katsuhiro Kinoshita
Born in Tokyo in 1954. Graduated from Special Course of Commercial Design at the Musashino Art University’s Junior College in ’76. Entered Ikko Tanaka Design Studio. In ’86, established his own design office “Design Club”. Past awards include; Encouragement in Mainichi Advertising Design Award, Grand Prix in TEN Exhibition Graphic Category, JAGDA Newcomers Prize, Silver Prize(2) and Bronze Prize(4) in the International NY ADC Awards, Silver Prize in the International Biennale of Posters in Mexico, Grand Prix in CS Design Award, Tokyo ADC Memorial Prize of Hiromu Hara, Best Work Award in the Typography Annual(2), Gold Award in the FCC Tokyo Ad Show. Blong to the permanent collections at ; Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (NY) and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum.