“OTOKO(man) -Poter” for Japan Rugby Football Union

— Kenjiro Sano

Non-members' Prize


“OTOKO(man) -Poter” for Japan Rugby Football Union(Poster)
I’ve always been impressed with Kanji characters because, unlike Roman characters, they are capable of expressing an emotion or an idea on their own. So for this project, I thought that if I were to express the power and machismo of rugby using typography alone, it would give the poster a strong impact and communicate the message more directly.
I hope that the character “otoko” (man) boldly turned on an angle, embodies an essential element of rugby that is felt by the fans.

Kenjiro Sano
Born in Tokyo in 1972. Graduated from Graphic Desgin Course at the Tama Art University. Works at Hakuhodo. Past awards include JAGDA Newcomers Prize in 2002, and NY ADC Distinctive Merit/Merit Award.