“KIoi Sinfonietta Tokyo,The 31st Subscription Concert”

— Tsuguya Inoue

TDC Members' Prize


“KIoi Sinfonietta Tokyo,The 31st Subscription Concert”(Poster)
Everyday we are swamped with gloomy news stories. It makes you want to find something to smile about. “Innocent Energy” — Would it be possible to fix a sense of brightness, which envelopes shades of darkness that I’m not even aware of myself, into music?
Would it be possible to express an abstraction such as music — something that is as intangible as a cloud — by using plants that have tangible forms?
Are images that do not give the sensation of light capable of bringing forth some kind of brightness?
A shadow is not just the antithesis of light; it is not there just to remind us of light through contrast.
When I am confronted with such unknowns in my work, I am reminded of the importance of the printed text unerringly landing in the right place and of my passion for typography.
Was a smile born? Was music heard?
I believe this is a form of expression that reflects our gloomy daily lives in 2001 where controlled media and religion, among other things, collide head on.
In closing, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for the unwavering love that Ikko Tanaka has given to graphic design. He was a towering mountain to be seen from a far.

Tsuguya Inoue
Born in Miyazaki prefectire in 1947. Established Beans Co.,Ltd. in 1978. Past awards include Tokyo Art Directors’ Grand Prize and Member’s Prize, Tokyo TDC Members’ Gold Prize, Asahi Advertising Award, Mainichi Advertising Award, Fuji Sankei Group Advertising Award, Dentsu Advertisement Award, The Third International Poster Grand Prix Prize Winner, Printing Industry Association President Award, and Secretary of Industrial Science & Technology Agency Prize at the National Exhibition of Posters and Catalogues.