— Hajime Tachibana

Interactive Design Prize


THE END(Mobile Phone)
I would like to say a few words on behalf of “The END.” Firstly, I would also like to thank the many artists from Japan and abroad who have sent their work to this mobile website. A website designed to be a local community network provides a simpler and more intimate and working environment compared with operating on a worldwide scale. There is also the intention that the site have significance for communities on the local level and I use the word “local” to mean not necessarily a limited region but the easy feeling of neighborhood that cannot be achieved on a mass scale. My impression is that TDC is quite the local network.
*artists: sqc. org/ John Maeda/ tomato interactive/ Ages 5 & up/ exonemo/ Takashi Yamaguchi/ Delaware

Hajime Tachibana
Born in Tokyo in 1951. While studying at Waseda University, he went to Britain. Formed the band called Plastics in 1976. Made their debut from Rough Trade in Britain in 1979, and sold two albums worldwide. Since the band split up , he has been a graphic designer as well as played music as a solo artist. Won the 35th Tokyo ADC Grand Prize for his poster “Ape Call from Tokyo” in 1991. He has been also interested in computer software and web designing.