green label relaxing

— Kaoru Kasai

TDC Members' Prize


green label relaxing(Poster)
Green Label Relaxing is a shop that carries select clothing and household items. Their previous logo was very simple with the initial of the shop name “g” masquerading as an apple. As part of their expansion plan, they decided to adopt a completely new design with a contemporary twist to match the corporate image of its parent company, United Arrows. The new design is a simple emblem resembling a silhouette of a leaf and features lower case letters. We also produced an extensive manual including detailed instructions on how to use different color combinations to create different renditions to suit the different seasons. My aim was to express the client’s PR concept “pastoral urban life” through each of the graphic
elements including the logo type, the emblem, the posters announcing the opening of the new store.

Kaoru Kasai
Born in Hokkaido in 1949. After working at Bunka Printing Co. and Ootani Design Laboratory Co., joined Sun-Ad Co., Ltd. in 1973. His major projects include advertising for Suntory Oolong tea and United Arrows, a wall graphics “Wisdom on wall” for Tsubasa Metropoliitan High School and advertising and art for a film “Saza-nami”.