Digital Typography

— Scott Kim

Interactive Design Prize


Digital Typography
My work seeks to express the inner lives of words through ambigrams. Ambigrams are words written so they read in more than one way, usually through reflection or rotation. The strict symmetry of ambigrams echoes that of Bach’s fugues and artist M. C. Escher’s interlocking tessellations of animal forms. I have gone beyond static ambigrams to include animation 
and interactivity. Creating an ambigram is much like designing a logo. When it works, the tension between the meaning of a word, the formal device, and the shapes of the letters yields a solution that seems inevitable.

Scott Kim
Scott Kim received an interdisciplinary PhD in Computers and Graphic Designfrom Stanford University, working with computer science professor anddigital typography pioneer Donald Knuth. At Xerox PARC he worked under Adobe founder John Warnock, and programmed images in JaM, predecessor to PostScript. He has designed logos for Silicon Graphics and the Game
Developers Conference, and designs puzzles for computer games and print. His lettering designs appear in his book Inversions, and on his web sites cottkim.com