Let’s Act Car Sharing

— Tomoaki Furuya

Non-members' Prize


Let’s Act Car Sharing(Poster)
Eyelashes, ear hair and nose hair are not usually included in the list of things one would want to use as a motif. In particular, it would be considered in poor taste to display your nose hair in public. I started this project by searching for such un-cliched visual elements. This approach predetermined imagery which is, I hope, relaxed as well as brazen and cool, and well suited for the feeling of the times we live in. This poster deals with the pollution created by automobiles and my hope is that people will get a feeling for the helplessness of the animals in the poster, from their lament “All we can do to protect ourselves is grow some extra hair.”

Tomoaki Furuya
Born in Saitama prefecture in 1973. Graduated from Department of Environmental@Information, Faculty of Environmental Information at Keio Gijuku University and Graphic Design Course at the Tama Art University. Works at DRAFT Co., Ltd.