A Flock of Words

— Why Not Associates + Gordon Young

Grand Prix


A Flock of Words
Why Not Associates have, in collaboration with artist Gordon Young, created “A Flock of Words’ to celebrate the bird watching haven of Morecambe Bay on the north west coast of England. The 320m long typographic pavement is constructed from granite, concrete, steel, brass, bronze and glass.
‘A Flock of Words’ is a path of poems, traditional sayings and song lyrics that all relate to birds. It begins with the book of Genesis and stretches from Shakespeare to Spike Milligan. The path physically connects the railway station and the seafront, its purpose is to provide a visual and thematic link between them, in a way that informs, entertains, educates and stimulates.

Why Not Associates
Why Not Associates were established in 1987 by Andrew Altmann, David Ellis and Howard Greenhalgh. From the outset it was conceived as a multi-disciplinary design partnership with the belief that its vision and ideas could be applied to a wide range of media. This spirit of optimistic experimentation has led to projects ranging from exhibition design to postage stamps via advertising, publishing, television titles,corporate identity and public art. The partnership now comprises five designers and a studio manager housed in the City of London.

Gordon Young
Gordon Young graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1977 and has spent over twenty years practising as a full time artist in Britain. He has also worked as curator for Yorkshire Sculpture Park and director for the Welsh Sculpture Trust.
Gordon has created many successful urban art projects across the U.K. and abroad. His use of materials and techniques vary from project to project but the ideas are often inspired by the local environment. As pieces they both entertain and challenge the observer.