— Kashiwa Sato

TDC Members' Prize


We were asked to develop a Happoshu (low-malt beer) priced 10 yen cheaper than Kirin Beer. As the art director, I was involved in all aspects of the development, including the formulation of a basic product concept, including taste attributes, product name, packaging design and communication strategy. We decided to depart from the traditional mindset in which the Happoshu’s low price was somehow attributed to a shortcoming and people perceived it simply as “low-grade beer.” Instead, we decided to base our campaign on a new set of values for Happoshu that says, “No apologies for Happoshu [Happoshu is a stand-alone product]. It is lighter and more drinkable than beer.” We eliminated all excesses from the naming and packaging to present the product’s drinkability in a direct way and with a sense of immediacy. The naming and packaging were presented simply with the typographies for “Gokunama” or “Namakuro” and the Kirin logo alone. The ads were designed so that the graphics would take center stage. By doing this, we aimed to distinguish the ads from those that relied on product photos, sizzle cuts and featured celebrities. We did not even deploy TV commercials. Instead, by focusing on the graphics alone, we tried to expand the possibilities for Happoshu from a product-positioning standpoint as well as from a communication standpoint.

Kashiwa Sato
Creative Director/Art Director. 
Born in Tokyo in 1965. After joining Hakuhodo Inc., he established Samurai Co., Ltd. His main works include advertisements for the pop music group SMAP, Honda StepgWagonh, Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.gGokunamah, World Co., Ltd.gOZOCh, Shiseido , TBS, PARCO Co., Ltd., KDDIgauh, TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI. He has been actively involved with the wide areas of product development, shop design and advertisement.