For All Seasons

— Andreas Muller

Grand Prix


For All Seasons(Interactive design)
“For All Seasons” is about using interactive elements to help communicate more of the memories transcribed than a purely textual representation could do on its own.
Words and text are traditional conveyors of information however, in the same way interactive environments can be used to represent emotions and experiences.
The interactive elements of each season attempts to allow the user to experience, however crudely, the memory for themselves.
“For All Seasons” was a project in which I wanted to disregard implementation details and focus on the concept. This is something which might seem obvious, but when working with computers (and programming in particular), ideas are changed and often even formed by implementation details and your own technical skill level. My aim was to constrain the idea
as late into the process as possible and simply let the project take the time it needed.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Tokyo Type Directors Club for giving me this award. It is a tremendous honour for my piece to be selected as this years Grand Prix winner, especially considering the calibre of the other candidates. Furthermore, the occasion has been made even more special for me as it is the first interactive work to receive the Grand Prix.

Andreas Muller
Born in Stockholm in 1979. Graduated from Hyperisland School of New Media Design (Sweden) in 2000. Worked as a Rich Media developer for Oven Digital (London) upon graduation and later moved to his current position as Rich Media Director at London design studio Hi-ReS! (2001). At Hi-ReS! he has worked on projects for a variety of high-profile clients such as Sony,
Mitsubishi, NTT-Data and Diesel and on installations displayed at Art Futura in Barcelona and Barbican Gallery in London. Some of his personal work can be viewed at http://www.hahakid.net