Form of Words

— Noriko Usui

Non-members' Prize


Form of Words(Experimental work)
This is an experimental piece created by writing text using characters only 2mm wide on B2 paper until I ran out of ink. As I continued to write, my strokes ended up creating strange forms. These shapes resembled gtatami iwashih (sheet of small dried fish) or “noshi ika” (dried squid). 
I enjoyed writing all 50 syllables from gah to gnh in the Japanese alphabet. The characters would become small when I was down and become lively when I was happy. When I was angry, they would become messy and when I was sleepy, they would become deformed. They changed their shapes depending on my emotions at the time and, as a result, the finished products also took on different faces.
When you continue writing, you run out of ink before you know it. The thing that occupies your mind as you write is, gI hope the ink runs out soon.h That’s all I thought about while I was writing the “ha” row about mid-way through the alphabet. There were times when I felt suffocated by the characters that filled my head. I moved my hands and continued writing the characters without being really conscious of it. In the end, I was surprised at the different looks the characters took on as my emotions meandered here and there.

Noriko Usui
Graduated from Design course of Kyushu High School Attached to Kyusyu Sangyo University.
In 2005, graduated from Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design.