— Trevor Jackson

Non-members' Prize


The soulwax campaign was created as a reaction against the usual formula that most major record labels use for promoting artists and their music. I was bored of posters, adverts and record sleeves that simply used photography or illustration, with a band logo and release date etc.
I felt it was far more powerful to create imagery which would not convey information immediately, but would cause the viewer to pause and think about what they are looking at.
I strongly believed that for every person that may simply ignore what they saw, another 20 or so would decide to take a longer look and explore, (which is far more powerful and memorable way of communicating). I wanted to tap into the general publics natural sense of curiosity and respect them enough to believe that they do not have to have information delivered to them in such an obvious way all the time.
This was not easy to convince the client at first, but when the first results developed they were very brave and totally supported me 100%.

Trevor Jackson
London born Trevor Jackson, started his convoluted career designing record covers in the late 80’s for seminal house and Hip Hop releases. As the UNDERDOG he also remixed many diverse artists during the 90’s such as Massive Attack, UNKLE, RUN DMC and U2. After the success of his seminal UK Hip Hop label BITE IT! (The Brotherhood, Lewis Parker etc) in 1996 Trevor formed Output Recordings. With international artists such as Four Tet, Black Strobe, Colder, MU his own Playgroup project and european releases for the Rapture and the LCD Soundsystem, Output is recognized as one of the UK’s most fiercely independent and creatively groundbreaking labels, releasing uncompromising yet accessible new music of many genres. Jackson’s renowned DJ skills were showcased on the 2002 released DJ Kicks album (K7!) and his latest remixes can be heard on his Playgroup Reproductions remix compilation CD. Trevor still creates artwork for most of Output’s roster and is currently working with other clients in different mediums, as well as combining his musical and visual talents for various new projects for 2005.