Tokyo Art Directors Club Annual 2004

— Kazunari Hattori

TDC Members' Prize


Tokyo Art Directors Club Annual 2004(Poster, Annual book)
What we have here are the book design and promotional poster for the Tokyo Art Directors Club Annual 2004. The six words in the title of the book are arranged by using different fonts in varying sizes. It was a lot of fun to arrange text with different characters try to and achieve balance within the rectangular space. That’s really all there is to this design, but the fact that this would yield presentable work is due to the greatness of letters (not mine).

Kazunari Hattori
Art Director and Designer.
Born in Tokyo in 1964. He graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with a degree in design in 1988. After working at Light Publicity Ltd., he turned freelance. His major works include adverising for Kewpie Half, editorial design for Ryuko Tsushin, packaging design for Pocari Sweat Globe Bottle and book design for Petit Royal Francais – Japonais Dictionnaire. Past awards include the Tokyo ADC Award and its Member’s Award, the Tokyo TDC Member’s Prize, the Yusaku Kamekura Award and the Hiromu Hara Award.