— Kiyoshi Tsukamoto

Non-members' Prize


This is a totally individual piece of work (it is in a large format but it is just a copy). Despite this, TDC awarded the piece and I am most grateful.
“ALL ROOTS” is about the attitude with which we pursue our roots and confront the negative emotions that we all have. This is rather introspective and perhaps does not reflect a very positive outlook, but my guess is that there will be people who can sympathize with this. In plainer terms, this is basically the same as posting reminders on the wall such as “Don’t be late” or “Don’t snack after 9:00PM.”
These resolutions, which have never been followed through, manifest here in the final result. These became my guilt complexes and, ultimately, the motivation behind my creative work. Unfortunately, I still succumb to temptations.
That being the case, I hope that these will turn into cycles that create more motivation.
Thank you very much.

Kiyoshi Tsukamoto
Born in Tokyo in 1973. He graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in graphic design. After working at an advertising agency, Kobi, and Ultra Graphics, he turned freelance and has since designed mainly DVD and CD sleeves. He is a member of the JAGDA.