House of Shiseido: Haru no Tsubaki (Camellia in Spring)

— Masayoshi Nakajo

TDC Members' Prize


House of Shiseido: Haru no Tsubaki (Camellia in Spring)(Poster)
While I ended up receiving most of the attention as the illustrator, I must point out that this was a collaboration. In the “Haru no Tsubaki” exhibition, different people were responsible for the exhibition design, signage, logos, DM design and other elements, so the boundaries are a bit blurred. Some were responsible for deciding the colors. I believe this is a good example of a joint project that went very well. The problem now is how to split the prize money.

Masayoshi Nakajo
Born in Tokyo in 1933. After graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, he joined the cosmetics company Shiseido in 1956, and then Deska in 1959. He turned freelance in 1960 and founded the Nakajo Design Office in 1961. 
His major projects include art direction and design for the Shiseido’s cultural magazine “Hanatsubaki” since 1970, corporate identity for Matsuya Ginza Department Store (1980), logotype and packaging design for Shiseido Parlor (1990), corporate identity for the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (1994) and logotype and signage planning for the Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building (2001).
He has won numerous awards, among them the Tokyo ADC Member’s Grand Prize, the Tokyo TDC Member’s Prize in Gold, the Mainichi Design Award, the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon and the 5th Kamekura Award.