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BACK TO BLACK(Record jacket)
The music’s strong political content led us to focus on a purely typographic approach for the Back To Black packaging. We chose to combine a fairly bombastic custom designed typeface for the track listing posters with the more celebratory quality of the gold foil outer gatefold sleeve. We also wanted the experience of handling the packaging to be very tactile so we contrasted the shiny smooth surface of the outer sleeve with thin uncoated bible paper and uncoated black card for the posters and inner bags respectively. Ultimately the aim was to produce something that could be seen as much as an interesting object in its own right as a traditional record sleeve.


Kjell Ekhorn(left)
Kjell Ekhorn studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins between 1993 and 1996. After college he worked as a freelance designer and art director in London before establishing Non-Format, with Jon Forss, in 2001 where he is working on a range of projects including art direction, design and illustration for music industry, arts & culture, fashion and advertising clients. Non-Format also art directed the monthly music magazine The Wire between 2001 and 2005.

Jon Forss(right)
Jon Forss studied graphic design at Leicester Polytechnic between 1986 and 1989. After a brief spell working for a provincial advertising & design agency he moved to London, spent several years designing for the publishing industry and then established Non-Format with Kjell Ekhorn in 2001.