“ZEUEI FONTS (Japanese version)”

— Yoshiaki Kano

Type Dsign Prize


“ZEUEI FONTS (Japanese version)” (Type design)
All along, while people were telling me, “There’s no meaning in letters that you can’t read,” I’ve been adding to my repertoire one character at a time. And now I’ve reached a point where I can assemble “my words” using “my fonts.”
If these characters were laid out with no apparent connection, you might only see random patterns. But I was surprised to discover that once these characters were brought together within a shape that we were familiar with (a newspaper in this case), people began to recognize them as text. They discovered words that they were able to make out and were actually able to read the text. This work lies on the boundary between what people see as patterns and what people see as functional letters. So this is a font and it is also handwriting in the realm of digital text entry.

Yoshiaki Kano
He has designed new fonts since 1996, 
part of which can be seen at http://www.zetuei.com/