“Gelman Thinks, Book” “Clear Magazine (section) ”

— Alexander Gelman

TDC Prize


“Gelman Thinks, Book” “Clear Magazine (section) ”(Magazine, Book)
Typography is a discipline of communicating verbal messages through visual manipulation and establishment of hierarchies. All possible means can be employed in the process to enhance communication visually. The goals may vary and whether it’s about the content and clarity or simply about setting a mood and teasing, telling a story or just warning, persuading or conveying ideas, typography is all about structure. The images featured in Clear magazine are part of my ongoing experiment in sequencing loosely connected pictorial subjects. Each group of four images sets up a pattern of repetitive visual clues. Some of those recurring clues can be identifi ed by a color or a specific combination of color, size, cropping, thematic or formal criteria. Each pair of images in the sequence has different common features. Together they represent a system where no element is in complete compliance with the established rule. A series of these groups is sort of a sequence of sequences, that constantly defi es the very rules it establishes.

Alexander Gelman
Alexander Gelman (most commonly known as Gelman or Glmn) is a celebrated media artist based in New York, London and Tokyo. His work, extensively shown around the world, has been a subject of private and public acquisitions and is represented in permanent museum collections, including the Smithsonian, the New York’s MoMA, and Biblioth’que National de France in Paris. In 2001 The Museum of Modern Art listed Alexander Gelman among the “world’s most influential modern and contemporary artists in all media.” Gelman collaborates with musicians and artists, companies and institutions, designs products and installations, directs TV commercials and music videos. Some of his most recent collaborations include projects with Apple, Nike, Target and Warp Records in London. A noted thinker on creativity, perception and communication, Gelman also serves as a guest professor with Yale and MIT Media Lab and is the subject as well as author of many books, articles, and monographs. His bestselling book, “Subtraction”reissued in four languages, has been acclaimed a modern day classic. His latest project “Infiltrate”(currently in its second printing) has become a milestone in critical journalism.