Seisakuassist.com (Technology by HEIDELBERG) PR

— Issay Kitagawa

Special Prize


Seisakuassist.com (Technology by HEIDELBERG) PR(Poster)
In my daily life, I am interested in seeing appropriate printing techniques in expression of design. Therefore, I feel I was lucky to be asked to be a representative to receive this prize as an award for a series of works that includes others. On behalf of the others, thank you very much. In particular to everyone at Heidelberg Japan, Taisei Futaba Industry Co., and the Heidelberg forum 21, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. The client’s of these works are the World’s number 1 manufacturer’s of printers, Heidelberg and the federation of Japanese printing companies, which specialize in printing technology (GRAPH is also affiliated with this federation). The theme of this production is how to display printing expression with the numerous communication technologies available today. We made full use of various techniques and materials for this theme. Furthermore, we produced this series of graphics with “attention” as the keyword. The work was also displayed at Design Gallery 1953 under the title gCrossing the Printing Border” under exhibition supervisor Mr. Taku Sato’s name. We held 2 seminars as part of the series of projects with the title “Things Recognized in Printing and Design: The Collaboration of Design and Printing Technology”. Mr. Kaoru Kasai of Sun-Ad and I participated in one seminar and at the other seminar, it was unveiled in a printing demonstration using the latest in printer technology by Heidelberg and GRAPH. The poster printed here is also part of the work. The number of people who visited these seminars was over 1,000.

Issay Kitagawa
GRAPH, founded in 1933, of fer s primar y areas of exper tise that include designing, printing, branding and intellectual property management. Recently,the company has begun development and production of materials related to printing (such as papers, foils, inks and threads). Issay Kitagawa, the president of GRAPH, is a designer and a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), Japan Graphic Designers Associati on (JAGDA ) and Tokyo TDC. He lectures frequently at universities and corporations, and also adjudicates design competitions in Japan and overseas. Some of his recent works were exhibited at the Design Tide, Mobile Paris, and Milano Salone.