Oolong Tea “My Big Sister Eats A Lot” Black Oolong Tea “Alarming to Neutral Fat”

— Kaoru Kasai + Koji Kinouchi

TDC Prize


Oolong Tea “My Big Sister Eats A Lot”
Black Oolong Tea “Alarming to Neutral Fat”
We spent 3 years studying the potency of black oolong tea before it was put on sale. The “Alarming to Neutral Fat” advertisement must grab the attention of middle age and older people (including me). For that reason, when we thought about a design that isn’t for young people, we decided on calligraphical design. On the other hand, the younger sister who idolizes her older sister is the main character in oolong tea advert. One girl’s mumbling “but…that’s not fair.” in the back of her mind coincidently matches the Heiancho-like calligraphy well. Both paragraphs were written by Mr. Koji Kinouchi, a colleague of mine for 30 years who taught me the true meaning of characters. I asked him to consider men’s feelings on the one hand and women’s on the other. The contrast is reflected in his calligraphy brush. It makes me happy that the power of Eastern characters is able to be felt. – Kaoru Kasai

Kaoru Kasai
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1949. Working at SUN-AD Co., Ltd. He has been involved in a wide range of projects such as the long term advertising for Suntory Oolong-tea (since 1982) and United Arrows (since 1997). His recent works include direction and signage plan for Suntory’s new corporate identity, a total graphic work for TORAYA CAFE, signage plan for Kajima Kensetsu “TORANOMON TOWERS”, title design and advertising art for the film “Hana yorimo naho”, and book design for Yasumasa Morimura’s photography book “Barco negro na mesa”. Past awards include Tokyo Art Directors Club Grand Prize and Member’s Prize, Mainichi Design Awards, and Kodansya Publication Culture Award for Book Design.

Koji Kinouchi
Born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1948. President of Kinouchi Design Offi ce. He studied typography under the late Tadashu Fukano, Right Publicity Inc. His recent works include logo mark for TORAYA CAFE collaborated with Kaoru Kasai,title design for the movie “Nihon no Jitensha-dorobou (The Bicycle Thief in Japan)” and corporate identity for DARUMA pharmacy. His works were selected by Tokyo ADC and Japan Typography Annual Books.