Light Tracer

— Karl D. D. Willis

Interactive Design Prize


Light Tracer(Interactive design)
Light Tracer is an interactive installation which invites the participant to write, draw, and trace images with light, in real physical space. With no formal rules, how the participant uses the system is left entirely up to them.
Light Tracer relies foremost upon the creative participation of its users; with the desire to act and be creative something we all know and understand. It is therefore the user who contributes to making Light Tracer a truly successful project, and this to me represents what true ‘interactivity’ is.
I would like to thank Tokyo TDC, Andy Polaine for his advice and support, and most importantly everyone who has shared their creativity and contributed to the Light Tracer project.

Karl D. D. Willis
Karl D.D. Willis is a New Zealand born interaction designer/media artist and researcher into the field of interactivity. His research focuses on examining what contributes to an engaging interactive experience, and moreover the relationship creativity has to the engagement of the user.
An ongoing theme in his work involves the creation of systems for user creativity. The Light Tracer project has to date been exhibited at a diverse range of events taking place on both sides of the globe in Europe, Asia, and Oceania.