Nakayoshi Kindergarten “FEEL TYPE / SORA”

— Ken Okamuro

Semi Grand Prix


Nakayoshi Kindergarten “FEEL TYPE / SORA”(Poster, Small graphic)
The “Feel Type”approach will be successful if the children who use these letters always smile and put great efforts into the things they do, and moreover, if the kids are interested in these letters and enjoy them freely.
I believe the most important thing is to “have interests”in things that you learn or imagine. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone here, but you lose track of time when you are infatuated with something interesting or enjoyable, which is to feel the joy to create and become skillful. In fact, the kindergarten students became fascinated and learned. They were also teaching and helping each other, which moved me very much. “Feel Type”This word played a greater role than I expected. I saw what was happening at view of “Nakayoshi Kindergarten”and decided to make this poster.

Ken Okamuro
Born in Tokyo in 1978. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2004. He served his apprenticeship at D-BROS for 2 years while being enrolled in the master’s course. After completed his MA in 2006, he entered Hakuhodo Inc. He is currently working for HAKUHODODESIGN.