Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun T-1 World Cup 2nd Summer of 2006 “A Lion Bouncing Up and Down”

— Tsuguya Inoue

TDC Prize


Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun T-1 World Cup 2nd Summer of 2006
“A Lion Bouncing Up and Down”
A person running himself while dreaming himself in high heals. A snake that extends itself and bites a shirt. The lion is on top of the world wearing a t-shirt.
Everyone likes t-shirts and high heals so much that the lion sticks his tongue out. This poster was made so that the picture forms letters and letters form a picture. The typography on the front and back of t-shirts in the street are bouncing up and down. It would please me to see people become happy through typography. 
A big thanks to everyone at the “Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun”for creating the T-1 World Cup that 24 designers from around the world participated in. Thanks also to Epson for their cooperation. 
The lion is bouncing up and down.

Tsuguya Inoue
Born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1947. Established Beans Co., Ltd. in 1978. His major works include advertising and art direction for PARCO, Suntory Inc., Comme des Garcons and Asahi Shimbun as well as for fi elds of publishing, music and TV programs. Past awards include Tokyo Art Directors Club Grand Prize and Member’s Prize, Tokyo TDC Members’ Gold Prize, Asahi Advertising Award, Dentsu Advertisement Award. He is a member of the Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC and JAGDA.