Formulare gestalten

— Borries Schwesinger

Book Design Prize


Formulare gestalten ―Das Handbuch fur Gestalter und Anwender zu Hurden, Chancen und Gestaltungsfrangen(Book design)
The book will attempt to answer all queries concerning the conception and design of forms, ranging from a typology which explains the difference between an application and an order form to practical questions about paper, equipment and machine legibility to a ‘detailed typography’ of the form. When is it better to have questions printed above the box for writing in and when below? What is the correct scale for a questionnaire? This work of reference also outlines the various possibilities and technologies provided 
by digital forms from the interactive PDF form to the barrier-free HTML solution.

Borries Schwesinger
Born in 1978 in Berlin, Germany — studied “urban planning” at Technische UniversitŠt Berlin and “communication design” at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and at Politecnico di Milano — graduated in communication design in 2006.
Cco-founder of and editor at “echtzeit”-magazine, Potsdam (2003-2005) — 
co-founder of and designer at “formdusche, bureau for design”, Berlin (since 2004) — focussed on tTypography, cCorporate dDesign, bBook dDesign aund eEditorial dDesign — author and designer of the book “Formulare gestalten.” [Designing forms], published by Hermann Schmidt Mainz 2007.
Awarded by Best Designed German Books 2007 and TDC New York for Typographic Excellence 2007 — Nominated for the German Design Award 2007 — Special Appreciation of Raymond Loewy Foundation 2006 — awarded by iF communication design award 2005 and reddot design Award 2004. 
Llives in Oxford, UK.