Now Updating… The Interactive Design of THA / Yugo Nakamura

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Now Updating…
The Interactive Design of THA / Yugo Nakamura
A single printed image exists as a manifestation of the “fixed / fixity” principle of action; a program that moves on a CPU, meanwhile, constitutes the permanent “liberation” of that image.
If graphic design is “baked fish”, then interactive design is “eating live fish”. We planned our exhibition as a kind of “eating live fish fair”. A bank of monitors served as a pond showing an assortment of action principles vivaciously leaping, while a printouts of a gigantic screen shots were positioned to one side as a kind of “fish print”.
The TDC Grand Prix has brought recognition to our existence as something akin to eccentric purveyors of “edible live fish”, or, if nothing else, poissoniers (fish chefs).
This sense of contiguity gives me enormous pleasure. Thank you very much.

Yugo Nakamura
Born in Nara prefecture in 1970. After completing his Master’s degree in Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Nakamura started to work in the field of interactive design in 1998. Established THA Ltd. in 2004. Since then, he has been active crossing and traversing the fields such as art direction, design and programming of a number of web sites and moving images. His major awards include Cannes Lions Advertising Festival Grand Prix, One Show Interactive Grand Prix, and Ars Electronica prize. His work has been exhibited at several exhibitions at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Design Museum in London, etc. He is a guest professor at Tama Art University.