Asaba’s Diary

— Katsumi Asaba

TDC Prize


Asaba’s Diary (Diary)
Seigow Matsuoka wrote an essay on Katsumi Asaba for “The Age of Individuality”, the third exhibition of works from the DNP Archives of Graphic Design that was held in 2002. “…I have no idea how far back it goes, but Katsumi Asaba has kept a journal for a long, long time. I suspect that, except on the most extraordinary of occasions, he has written in it every single day. With the timidity that behooves a protege I have been urging him to publish this material, but he, of course, told me in no uncertain terms to leave well alone…” Thank you, Seigow Matsuoka. I have finally chosen to go public.

Katsumi Asaba
Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1940, Asaba graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. After working at Light Publicity Inc., he established Asaba Katsumi Design. His representative works include advertising for Suntory, Seibu Department Store, Misawa Home, and many more. Besides being the chairman of the Tokyo TDC, he takes a keen interest in the Asian culture of written characters, in particular in the way these relate to visual expression. Among the many prizes he has won are the Tokyo Art Directors Club Grand Prix and a Medal with a Purple Ribbon. He is a director of the Japan Graphic Designers Association, the chairman of the Design Association, a secretary of the Engine 01 Cultural Strategy Conference, a committee member of the Tokyo ADC and a member of the Alliance Graphiqe Internationale. He reached the sixth rank in table tennis.