M Lab. Issue No.1: Molecule

— Les Suen

TDC Prize


M Lab. Issue No.1: Molecule (Book)
Fragment du jours – the book called Molecule
Molecule constructed with multiple layers and fragments that enable the possibilities of reading. It breaks the conventional reading behavior.
Molecule, the book, is multifaceted that creates non-linear text components. It breaks the dimension of conventional text flow.
Molecule is unfolded and unfinished that invites reader’s articulation. 
Molecule(Book) could be Media Art.

Les Suen
Born in 1975, Shanghai; moved to Hong Kong in 1984. Stayed in Tokyo from 1999-2004. Currently working and living in Shanghai. Graduated from School of Design in Visual Communication (Hons), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. Suen obtained his MA from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan in 2003. Thesis titled “The Body of Book” writing and experiments on the physical structure of book” . He is now a Managing Director of M LAB, McCann Erickson Advertising Co. Ltd.