— Norio Nakamura

TDC Prize


TDC BCCKS (Poster)
It sparked my curiosity. 
I first heard about the BCCKS (a new web service) concept from Gento Matsumoto the summer before last. He was responsible for the idea behind the new web system and was producing the 20th anniversary exhibition for TDC and he wanted me to get involved. “Do whatever you want,” he said, in a quite off-handed manner, but I knew what he really wanted from me was my best work. I told him I’d do it, but at that point had no ideas and no confidence in my ability to come up with anything. 
Still, it was like entering an uncharted contest and, as such, it was a lot of fun. 
The winning graphics were taken from the bccks work “Twin Universe”. My aim was to convey the modishness of the project.

Norio Nakamura
Born in Kawasaki in 1967. Graduated from College of Art, Nihon University. After working at Sony Music Entertainment, Nakamura became a freelance. His major work include planning and art direction of PlayStation software “I.Q” and graphic design for Meiwa Denki and “Radical Advertisement”.