— Ryosuke Uehara

TDC Prize


For a graphic designer, fashion work is free and sensuous and holds enormous potential for expression in all its manifestations; it is stimulating and fun and affords the opportunity to hone one’s sensibilities as well.
Fashion is a cutthroat industry, however, and, with its biannual collections and the mismatch between creativity and marketing, it forces us to confront the realities of our feral consumer society. 
Theatre Products fashions emerge straight from the heart of this “angry torrent” of reality.
As a graphic designer, I identify with the commitment of Theatre Products to the creation of new fashions and with the passion the company seeks to convey to this generation. To my mind, we are united in our efforts to bridge this unceasing torrent, even as we stand bemired in its center. 
The work I produced for Theatre Products is one of the forms that emerged from these efforts. 
I am both delighted and grateful to have had my work singled out by the TDC judges.

Ryosuke Uehara
Born in Hokkaido in 1972. Graduated from Textile design course at Tama Art University. He is an art director at DRAFT and D-BROS. His art direction work includes product design for D-BROS, graphics for a fashion brand “Theatre Products”, Panasonic “i-X, LS-i”, “une nana cool LuncH” and “Smiles”. Awards received include Tokyo Art Directors Club Award, Japan Graphic Designers Association New Designers Award, New York Art Directors Club Gold Prize, Silver Prize at the Warsaw International Graphics Biennial, and Yusaku Kamekura Design Award.