— Tsuguya Inoue

Book Design Prize


INOUE TSUGUYA GRAPHIC WORKS 1981-2007(Book design)
I wanted to produce a book that was pregnant with primitive power, a book through which the hot winds of summer blew, but what emerged was much simpler, it had the feel of a summer picture diary from my past: “I got up, ate water melon and went to bed.” I am interested in letters and photographs and have attempted, through my work, to be faithful to the appetites of my eyes. But, like a brilliant chimera, I am disheartened to discover that I’ve been looking at a mirage. I feel something akin to what “bipedal hominids” must have felt having finally evolved far enough from the apes to be able to stand erect (thus gaining a modicum of freedom as they began walking towards the future). I am eternally grateful to Mr. Kaho Son of Little More Co., Ltd. for creating this auspicious and upbeat book that carries something of the memories of those early hominids

Tsuguya Inoue
Born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1947. Established Beans Co., Ltd. in 1978. His major works include advertising and art direction for PARCO, Suntory Inc., Comme des Garcons and Asahi Shimbun as well as for fields of publishing, music and TV programs. Past awards include Tokyo Art Directors Club Grand Prize and Member’s Prize, Tokyo TDC Members’ Gold Prize, Mainichi Advertising Award, and Dentsu Advertisement Award. He is a member of the Tokyo ADC, Tokyo TDC and Japan Graphic Designers Association.