SOUR “Hibi no neiro”

— Masashi Kawamura+Hal Kirkland+Magico Nakamura+Masayoshi Nakamura

TDC Prize


SOUR “Hibi no neiro” (Video Clip)
First of all, thank you for giving us this splendid award. Regardless of how convenient life may have become, the answer to the question: “What really matters among all the different values in the world today?” which SOUR ask in their song, will remain unchanged. Based on this idea, we created the video using web cameras—a tool of communication that represents our age—with the cooperation of many people around the world, in order to express the universal pleasure of feeling connected to others. Not only did we manage to produce something that was eventually watched by more than 1.8 million people, the work on this clip also brought us together with lots of wonderful individuals. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to SOUR and everyone who appeared in this video.

Masashi Kawamura: After studuing at Masahiko Sato Laboratory in Keio University, worked for Hakuhodo, BBH Tokyo, 180, Kawamura is now a senior art director at BBH New York. http://www.masa-ka.com/

Hal Kirkland
: After working at M&C Saatchi in Australia and 180, Hal Kirkland is a senior copy writer working together with Masashi Kawamura at BBH New York.

Magico Nakamura
: Magico Nakamura was a video director of CM in Japan, and moved to New York in 2008. She is working together with Masayoshi Nakamura as video directional duo Who-fu. http://www.vimeo.com/who-fu/

Masayoshi Nakamura
: After being active as a motion graphics artist in New York, Masayoshi Nakamura is now working together with Magico Nakamura as video directional duo Who-fu. http://www.goodgeneral.com/