The Floating World

— John Warwicker

Special Prize


The Floating World (Book)
I never enter work into the TDC with the intention or even hope of winning a prize.
Just to be able to show my work in front of judges that I respect and admire is reward enough.
So it came as a nice surprise when “The Floating World” was awarded a TDC special prize.
This award is all the more pleasing because the book is a “personal” project.
The one hope I’ve had for this book is that it’s spirit would communicate itself across the linguistic and cultural differences.
This award has affirmed this hope and has given me strength and resolution to continue this “fragile” and delicate project.

John Warwicker
Born 1955, London.
Now living in Melbourne, Australia.
1991 – present. Co-founder and still-active member of tomato.
2004 – Foreign Member of the Tokyo TDC.
2008 – Adjunct Professor of Architecture and Design, UTS (Sydney).