Tsukushi” (Tsukushi Old Mincho, Tsukushi Maru Gothic)

— Shigenobu Fujita, FONTWORKS

TDC Prize


Tsukushi “Tsukushi Old Mincho, Tsukushi Maru Gothic” (Type Design)
Tsukushi Old Mincho and Tsukushi Maru Gothic are fonts developed by the staff of our company’s “LETS” service in response to personal needs. We designed the Tsukushi Old Mincho font with a strong focus on the dignity and texture of Chinese kanji characters. As the Tsukushi Maru Gothic font was requested by only a small number of users, it was especially surprising for us to find out that, after unveiling the product, it had in fact been in great demand. We will work out some additional variations in order to make Tsukushi a widely popular typeface for many years to come, and this award is a fortunate opportunity that provides us with the motivation and fundamental energy necessary for our future endeavors. Thank you very much.

Shigenobu Fujita, FONTWORKS
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1957. Graduated from faculty of design, Chikuyo Gakuen High School. Worked at Shaken type foundry between 1975 and 1998, and now at font development group of Fontworks Inc. Since 2000, he has been supervising the design and development of a number of fonts released by Fontworks LETS, mainly the “Tsukushi” family (22 fonts included to date).