Unseen Gaza

— Why Not Associates

Grand Prix


Unseen Gaza (Trailer)
Trailer for Channel 4 Dispatches special with the acclaimed UK news presenter Jon Snow featuring footage from the Middle East that had not aired on mainstream TV. It examined the consequences of Israel’s decision to ban journalists from entering Gaza during the recent conflict. With news restrictions and foreign journalists thrown out of Gaza, Dispatches wanted to tell the world that the concern should not be with the footage they can see but the footage they can’t.  A strong, simple typographical route was devised where the animated words spoken by Jon Snow were ‘censored’ before they were revealed. This was set within a white rectangle that obscured the majority of the footage of the Gaza conflict that ran in the background of the trailer.

Why Not Associates
Why Not Associates was established by Andrew Altmann, David Ellis and Howard Greenhalgh on leaving the Royal College of Art in 1987. From the outset Why Not Associates was conceived as a multi-disciplinary design partnership with a spirit of optimistic experimentation that has led to projects ranging from exhibition design to postage stamps via advertising, publishing, television titles, corporate identity and public art. The linking factor in all these mediums is the understanding of communication and a love of everything typographic. The partnership now comprises of six designers, studio manager, producer and a great deal of computer equipment housed in a studio in central london.