Posters for Karuizawa Museum of Photography

— Katsuhiko Shibuya

Non-TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Posters for Karuizawa Museum of Photography

The Karuizawa Museum of Photography sits quietly amid trees in an area of old summer homes in Karuizawa. The photo collection exhibited there is composed entirely of vintage prints, and an aura of the past surrounds and emanates from this forested spot. I wanted to design something suited to the atmosphere, which struck me as being as pure as distilled water. I chose to compose my piece using the alphabet because these characters are cool and universal symbols. The KMP trademark was done with a camera. The mass of letters which occupy a large part of the surface represents the trees in a forest – the light and sensitized material which reacts to it are the silver particles of photographic film. I can’t help wondering how this design will look to people 100 years from now.

Katsuhiko Shibuya

Graduated from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music and enter advertising division of Shiseido Co., Ltd. in 1981.
His award include: JAGDA New Comer Award.