Typeface Design

— Shigeyuki Takaoka

Non-TDC Members Division : Silver Prize


Typeface Design

Any form that is generated by life, including human life, is design. We handle these disseminated shapes freely and we also delve into them so that we can better communicate their essence. I will be very happy if, from this much, I can help give birth to something original. 1. I have reconstituted a sense of the value in Japanese language which is minimalist and unique-nor merely as a medium through which you read, via its characters, bur from a spiritual point of view. I have considered the notion of looking upon the West as a culture of stone and the East as a culture of wood. In contemplating this line of though, it is perhaps in the reproduction, and not the consumption of culture, where the process of these concepts and their corresponding materials should culminate. 2. I try to imagine for the future. Challenge of producing typefaces; it presents the necessity of experimentation; to seek out and develop things from every angle in every possible way. I hope this word will be the starting point for and the harbinger of a new era in typography.

Shigeyuki Takaoka

Born in Saitama in 1969. Enter the Tama college of Fine Arts in 1991. His awards include: Pia Campus Festival Competition Special Prize, Tokyo Urban Art competition fine recognition, Nikkei Adole Campus Producer Award Encouragement Award, Enfini Museum Excellent Award, FROM A THE ART Competition Encouragement Award.