Publishing Book of A de S Publishing Inc. “VISION OF JAPAN”

— Kijuro Yahagi

TDC Members Division : Judges’ Special Prize


Publishing Book of A de S Publishing Inc. “VISION OF JAPAN”

Though I am Japanese, Japan herself still carries a feeling of “otherness” for me. In fact, I don’t see much point in even trying to fathom this monstrous entity called Japan. And so for me, everything I say and everything I do must be prefaced with a conditional “for me…” This is the only way I can ever hope to chisel out a little piece of this stranger Japan that I can examine or, in some tentative way, call my own. I aspire to a kind of “transparency,” to a state of being unshielded and non-obstructive so that I may pass through the barrier of illusion which allows us the notion that we already know a great deal through hearsay, habit and custom, the illusion which allows us to exist without experiencing the pain of the real world. Bringing about this transparent state means obtaining a direct and indefinitely close contact with both the matter and the symbols of expression. If I have achieved real transparency, I am then in a position to filter these materials through myself and let them percolate to the surface and assume new forms. Whatever is produced as a result of this process is an actual fragment of the alien body. By accumulating enough of these little fragments, I can carve out a new outline of this stranger. This “for me…” Approach to the work, with Japan being the ultimate stranger al the while, requires of me a heightened awareness of my own means of existence.

Kijuro Yahagi

Born in Yamagata in 1952. Graduated from the Tokyo Liberal Arts University in 1974 and the Kuwazawa Institute of Design in 1976. His awards include: Tokyo ADC Prize and Memorial Prize of Hiromu Hara in 1988, Warsaw International Poster Biennial Gold Prize in 1990, New York ADC International Exhibition Silver Prize, Brno International Graphic Design Biennale Bronze Prize, Washington Colour Count Competition Award, Design Excellence Award in 1992.