Symbol & Logotype for Tokyo Copywriters Club “tcc 30th”

— Yoko Inoue

Non-TDC Members Division : Silver Prize


Symbol & Logotype for Tokyo Copywriters Club “tcc 30th”

I got a call from Ms. Ako Okada, the copywriter. “TCC is celebrating their 30th anniversary and they are making a commemorative badge – we want you to design it.” The telephone started to feel soft and warm in my hand. I had never gotten a call as that felt so great and I started working on the budge happily. Unusually, for me, it was completed quite quickly. I would like to thank everyone at TCC who, although they are a big organization, approved of such a casual-looking design.

Yoko Inoue

Born on 1st April 1964. Graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design Post Graduate Course Department of Design, Graphic Design Course in 1985. Entered San-Ad Co., Ltd. In 1987.