Posters for Ohkura

— Shintaro Ajioka

TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Posters for Ohkura

Letters have gone through the sieve called time and those that have survived the weeding out process – the letters we have in contemporary society – have their won meaning and space. We inherit there letters as they are. The aesthetic of letters carries with it a sense of the race or ethnic group that invented them. Their shapes settled into the current forms as generations of people used them, always trying to refine them and write them more beautifully, more quickly or more accurately. There are so many rules of convention that people accede to concerning letters, not only the relationship between their shapes and meaning but even the order of strokes. However, there is no reason for us to be restrict by such conventions. On the contrary, it is also true that I take pleasure in the absolutely necessary shapes which inevitably emerged inevitably emerged from those rules. I also appreciate the history of the race which is embraced the letters.

Shintaro Ajioka

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1949. He has held one person exhibition regularly since 1980, and especially his 1990 project titled “Geological Survey” (installation using soil) is well-known. Designed ‘Komachi¥Ryokan’ kana typeface in 1984. Also being architectural designing, he has won Commercial Space Design Award and other prize.