Poster for Japan Design Committee “LIFE”

— Katsumi Asaba

TDC Members Division : Silver Prize


Poster for Japan Design Committee “LIFE”

Henry Miller once wrote that we should “live a LIFE.” When I read this as a young man, I decided I would live a LIFE even though I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. There is nothing like a line from a writer we respect to expand our vision when we young. I became aggressive, and although I wasn’t physically strong, I entered a period of belligerence marked by nights of street fighting. Harbert Bayer designed some lower-case typeface when he was 25, which he used onbuildings sand printed matter. That was the birth of Bauhaus typography that was radically new. I often wondered why there were upper and lower case letters in Latin. It’s one of the things that has always been on mind and this is why working on designs that combine upper and lower case letters. Now that I am past 50, I know that one has to live a LIFE and also a life.

Katsumi Asaba

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1940. Established Asaba Design Co., Ltd. In 1975 after working at Light Publicity Ltd. Among his clients are Suntory, the Seibu Department Stores, the Seibu Saison Group, Takeda Chemical Industries, Nissin Food Products Co. He is the chairman of the Tokyo TDC, a committee member of Tokyo ADC, the director of JAGDA, a councilor of Japan Table Tennis Association. With JAAC Special Selection as a start, he has a number of awards, including JAAC Prize Yamana Prize. He worked as art director in the film “Sharaku” which was released in February 1995.