Posters “SEEPARK THUN” “Jazz in Willisau”

— Niklaus Troxler

Non-TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Posters “SEEPARK THUN” “Jazz in Willisau”

It’s a great honour for me to get an award at the “Typedirection in Japan 1994-95” because I was always enormous impressed by the presented and awarded typographic works in the yearbook of this club. To be beside such great Typedesigners as many of the Japanese are is let me feel very happy. Especially the very large field of Typedesign chosen by the Jury of the Tokyo TDC is very remarkable. Before I studied Graphic Design at the Lucerne Art School, I did my apprenticeship as a classical typesetter. Even today, it’s always a ‘Must’ for me to design one or two ‘pure’ Typography Posters!

Niklaus Troxler

Born in willsau / Switzerland in 1947. Started own Graphic Design Studio in 1973. Specialized in poster design and murals. Also book cover and textile design. He is also an organizer of Jazz concerts at his home. He designed over 150 posters for these concerts. He has won important awards such as the Culture Award of Central Switzerland in 1982, a Special Prize at the Warsaw Poster Biennial in 1990, ‘the Toulous-Lautrec’ – Gold and Bronze Medals at Essen Poster Triennial in 1987 and 1993, Bronze medal at Toyama Poster Triennial in 1994 and many awards from the ADC of Switzerland and N.Y. He is a member of AGI.
URL: http://www.troxlerart.ch/