Posters for Treasury Shigemura

— Toshiyasu Nanbu

Non-TDC Members Division : Gold Prize


Posters for Treasury Shigemura

Everyone now understand that the world of computers can only exist on the basis of language. Typography is an act which visualizes the concept to f letters and words. Both computers and typography are a main current of our times. I think that the key to successful creation now, is to understand the kind of relationships through which the linguistic world of computers and typography converted into the visual world. The image poster I produced for an architectural design office, for which I won this prize, features a city as an axis, with maps, spaces and structures symbols that were cleanly symbolic and transparent on a two dimensional flat surface.

Toshiyasu Nanbu

Born in Osaka in 1961. Graduated from Osaka High School of Industrial Arts in 1969. Established the Taste Inc. In 1988. He has held one person exhibition on typography for four times at Tokyo Designers Space. Awards he has received include: NAAC Special Selection, Japan Typography Association Best Work, Education Minister’s Prize at All Japan Calendar Festival, International Typeface Design Competition / Morisawa Awards 1993 (Judge’s Prize).