Posters for Yokohama Museum of Art “Ludwig Museum Exhibition”

— Masayoshi Nakajo, Masaaki Izumiya

TDC Members Division : Bronze Prize


Posters for Yokohama Museum of Art “Ludwig Museum Exhibition”

This is a 4-pieces set of enlarged, B-size originals. With our artistic heritage of scrolling pictures here, we tend to look at a large picture from a mobile point of view rather than seeing it as a fixed, integrated piece. Of course, this viewpoint comes to us naturally when we look at something in passing in a public place. The original was created as a concept sketch which I submitted for photographing. The art director told me he wanted to use it” as is.” The picture is an ink wash, done with a brush and when I tried to re-create it, I realized how difficult it is to replicate something done casually and without self-consciousness. Thus, the original remains almost as it was, with only minor touches added later on. The sketch was enlarged by a factor of 16 and, of course, it was rather unsettling to see it blown-up to such a size. However, this almost reckless enlargement yielded effects I had not foreseen. There were several choices for layout but the art director thought the letters should be presented very large. This suggestion helped tighten up my somewhat fragile, insubstantial picture. The original ink piece was finished with one gray overtone and one varnish coat and one matte varnish.

Masayoshi Nakajo

Born in Tokyo in 1933. After working at Shiseido Co. and at Deska Co., established the Nakajo Design Office in ’61. Award he has received include; Tokyo ADC Members’ Grand Prize, SDA Prize, JAAC Prize Yamana Prize, Package in Japan Gold Prize, JAGDA Masaru Katsumi Prize, All Japan Calendar Exhibition Minister of International Trade and Industry. He won the Tokyo TDC Members’ Gold Prize in ’92, ’94.

Masaaki Izumiya

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1945. Graduated from Kanazawa college of Arts. Entered Hakuhodo Inc. in ’72. He is a creative director. Award he has received include; Clio Prize, IBA Prize, Paris International Outdoor Advertising Award, New York Illustrators Club Prize, New York ADC Prize, All Japan Calendar Prize, Asahi Advertising Award, Mainichi Advertising Award, Nikkei Advertising Award, Fuji-Sankei Group Advertising Grand Prize, Japan Magazine Advertising Prize, Dentsu Prize, ACC Prize, Tokyo ADC Prize. He is a member of Tokyo ADC and New York ADC.